Zhangjiajie Glass Footbridge
2017-12-23 09:21:06

Zhangjiajie Glass Footbridge is located in the scenic spot of Zhang Jiajie Grand Canyon and is labeled the longest and highest transparent glass bridge in the world. The total length is 430m and width is 6m. The distance from the bridge deck to canyon bottom is 300m and 800 people are allowed to stand on the deck one time. The deck is wholly paved by transparent glass and the highest Bungee platform of the world is settled at the center of the bridge. The whole project is free from bracket of reinforcing steel bar and is all-glass construction. After completion, it will be the first cable-stayed glass bridge located in high mountains and deep canyons in the world, as well as the longest and highest glass bridge and the first one to adopt advanced composite material in construction.


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